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Timber - Animals, paintings by Rain Longson


A pet portrait of a mans dream pet - an Arctic Wolf. A beautiful boy of grand stature. A gift to the man by his very thoughtful wife.

For this painting I also did the photo shoot, we went to the Delta Water Shed, we spent an hour and a half walking around and I took close to 1200 photographs. Of the 1200 photographs about 25 were pretty good. Of these 25 Donna (my client) choose a primary pose but the head/ears of another shot. I used several of the remaining shots to get the detailing of the fur etc.

Donna requested that I do both the foreground AND the background in full detail. Usually, you may have noticed that I just barely include a background in my paintings. This small painting took me just over 100 hours to complete. If you are curious about the steps and process I discussed all of these on my blog.


Title: Timber
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 14 x 18 x 1.75
Price: SOLD
ID Number: 2002-11