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Artist Statement

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    Self-Portrait2000 by Rain Longson

Artist Statement

”I’ve been drawn to art ever since I could hold a crayon. I spent my life studying and refining my art skills. I bring that talent and experience into my work. I am passionate about capturing real life moments, emotions and the personalities on paper or canvas. It is an honour and a pleasure to paint the moments in life.”

”I do paint every day and I am passionate about that.”

Making art for me is like scratching an itch. If I don’t paint for a few days I can feel the ghost memory of a brush or pencil in my hands. If I don’t scratch that itch, it hurts.

In capturing the sense of silky furs, wet noses, shiny eyes and the character found in each of my subjects. I reveal my joy of textures and love of nature and all living things, by sharing my sense of touch and conveying it through sight.

I have a complicated relationship with blank pages or canvases.

And yet, I am unable to resist filling them up with nonsense.

Title: Artist Self Portrait 2000
Medium: Gouache on canvas paper
Size: 8 x 10
ID Number: 0510-00

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