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  Spirit Bear (Kermode) - Acrylic on canvas, by Rain Longson

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Style and Method

The style of painting I do is called contemporary realism. I was fascinated the primary focus point is detailed the rest not so much. This is more or less the way I think & see things

It is a true painting, in acrylic on canvas. That I had stretched primed & gessoed in anticipation of the next painting. Zoom into a finished piece - you will see the brush strokes. Fitting the image to your screen hides the brush strokes because the image is so much smaller than the actual painting.

As for timing, let us see; say I started on a Saturday night; I use a grid system to get everything to scale & Windows Live Gallery to enlarge the image to get details. I sketched it out on the canvas & painted until about 3 or 4 am all the background roughed in & get the foreground pretty much done - used 1 in. & 2 in.h paint brushes for this.

Then start again at about 8 Sunday morning until dinner break at 6 pm. I'm lucky, when my husband is home on vacation so he's been nice enough to let me do my thing with the painting frenzy (I get that way every once in a while). On Sunday, I detail the foreground. Roughed in the focus of the painting will keep me busy until about 2 or 3am. Then Monday I started again at around 9am with adding more detail the focus & added a bit more to the secondary focus. Went to bed at around 11, I was starting to make mistakes. Didn't get up till 10 am that day - hadn't slept like that in a long time ;-) Had a good long look at the painting touched up the focal points, the bit more detail on the secondary focus & darkened the background behind the primary subject - which now that it's hanging on the wall on the other side of the room I think I over worked a bit too much.

Saturday 8 hrs
Sunday 18 hrs
Monday 14 hrs
Tuesday 7 hrs
Total about 47 hours

This is just the painting, does not include the prep time, stretching/gessoing canvas, selecting colors, etc.

It usually takes me about 50 hours to complete a painting, double that if the background is as detailed as the foreground & I usually spread it across a months' time. If you look closely to the primary subject - not much detail. Ditto for the secondary focal point. I did not detail the subject very much.

Do not forget I start with a smaller image to look at & base my canvas size from & have my paint colors ready to go. I knew in my head what I was going to do & how I was going to do it. All I needed are the details.

I usually do a lot more detail than this but I held back this time to allow the larger brush strokes show through & used a wider softer brush for the glazing. I think that there are about a dozen layers of paint on the canvas.

Today I finished it by photographing it, brought it in to Photoshop, straightened & cropped the edges of the painting. Added meta tags inside the jpeg. My name as the artist & any other details, I used Bridge to do this. Once I do this, I do not go back & change any of it. The outer edge of the canvas is then taped off with black gaffers tape & I call it done.

As you can see, I really do get caught up sometimes in my painting - if I were not married, I would probably forget to eat of feed the cats & dog… Only go out for art supplies ;-) but it does make me a very happy camper.

If you have any photograph, you would like as a painting let me know. I do not guarantee the same speed. I have a few other paintings that I have been working on that I'm struggling to finish, 2 dogs at a beach - going on to 2 years (other stuff keeps getting in the way of this one), Sci-fi mutant painting since before Christmas (still researching), a 3d or textured abstract mixed media painting for about 2 months (composition), another abstract about 4 months (composition & stability) & a ghost painting about 3 weeks now (placement of reflection in eye). I get to a certain point & I hit a wall that is the point that I move to the next painting. It helps to break the wall if I do a painting for someone else. Doing commissioned work refocuses me & helps me find a solution to the block. I guess painting for me is like writing for some writers.

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Title: Spitrit Bear (Kermode)
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 30 x 20 x 1.75
ID Number: 0312-12

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