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Magic - Animals, paintings by Rain Longson


This is a painting of my very first Sphynx kitty. When I went to pick her up to bring her to our forever home. She let me know her name. If you have never met a Sphynx you have no idea what you are missing!

They are sweet, cuddly outgoing and very friendly cats. The don't go hiding when people or other animals come over. They would actually get to the door before the dogs when the doorbell rang.

They come when their name is called, they are a dog in a hairless cat suit. You can even clicker train them.

They feel soft as a velvet hot water bottle!


Title: Magic
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 20 x 24 x .75
PriceS: 1,680.00
ID Number: 1907-10