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Dark Fae - People, paintings by Rain Longson

Dark Fae

The idea for this painting came to me when I recieved a call for submission for a painting competition called "Just Birds". I called them to get more information, like what did they mean by 'Just Birds' they said that it was self-explanatory. So, my imagination just took off. Chicks (young girls/women) old coots (old men) old hens (bunch of old ladies), you see where my mind was going. AND I'd just finished watching a series called 'Dark Fae'. That is how my train of thought went.

I started by drawing a wing, took a whole bunch of photographs of crows, rocks, boulders, wooded glades in sunlight. I found several women in sitting posses on the internet, I used the arms and body from 3 different models, the body and legs I illustrated myself. I used some very delicate nad made lace that my grandmother made ages ago, I tried my best to match the old color of the lace as a dress on my fairy. I'm partial to auburn hair so my fairy has auburn hair and wings. I changed a sparrow and a Blue Jay into corresponding colors of red. See if you can find the four crows that I included too. I used the photo of sunbeams as reference for my moonbeams, never did use the rocks and boulders.

When I finished I called my husband to show him the finished painting. He looks at it and says "There's something wrong with your painting." I said what, I look at it, no dog hair on it, no cat paw or nose prints, no smears... I asked again "What's wrong with it?" He says "Why is her front so bright? Considering that the light source is behind her."

Ooops, my bad. I pulled out my paints again and some pearl acrylic paint. I put in a fire globe (it was initially a bird) then added light circles up into the trees.

Dark Fae

Title: Dark Fae
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 16 x 25 x 1.75
Price: 1,400.00
ID Number: 2405-12

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