Why buy Art?

It enriches our lives, gives us pleasure.
Owning a piece of original art means having something unique and special. Art is something that our families, our friends, and we will admire, enjoy, and discuss for years to come. If that piece of art features our friends, family and pets, it commemorates our bonds with those special companions — the ones who are there for us, accompanied us, or be by our sides. Our friends enrich our lives in so many ways that having an artist create their portrait is a fitting way to commemorate that gift to us.

As a professional artist, I take great care in creating portraits and understand how unique each painting is. Every painting is one of a kind, just like the people and animals I meet.

Commissioning Original Work

Commissioned paintings are available, contact me for details.

Buying Art

To purchase an original piece of art include the title/name of the piece.

Buying Prints and...

To order a print (size) or greeting card(s) include the title and quantity.