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Mutant Daisy's - Acrylic on canvas, by Rain Longson

Pricing and Commissioning Art

Painting prices vary. Dependant on size, materials used and style. An 18 x 20 inch stretched canvas contemopary painting (main character and foreground highly detailed, background soft and out of focus) takes between 60 and 80 hours to paint. Double that amount of time if the entire painting is detailed.

A 10 x 12 inches on water color paper, because of the materials used the final painting is softer in tone and style. A painting in this style and with these materials would cost about 250.00 and take 2 days to paint.
Highly recommend getting a paper based painting at least matted if not framed as well.

All prices are in Canadian dollars.

There is an additional cost to the larger sized canvas paintings.
Larger paintings require extra materials to keep the canvas from warping.

All paintings come with a ’Certificate of Authenticity’, an optional certificate of ’Country of Origin’ documents, detailed ’Sales Receipt’ and a care and maintenance document.

Call / email me anytime — with the size and medium you would like, including a photo (or more) of the subject. Having a photo will help me decide if I can do a painting. You'll be hearing back from me within 24 hours of my receiving your request.

To view a sample of the Artist Sales Agreement.

  • Professional framing is available–ask for a quote based on the portrait size and your frame preference
  • Custom portrait sizes, larger and smaller, can be arranged
  • Gift certificates and installment plans are available
  • Please note that additional charges may apply to complex portraits. Contact the artist for a quote
  • Shipping within Canada or world-wide can be arranged
  • Note: Prices may be subject to change

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Title: Mutant Daisy's
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 12 x 12 x 1.75 (unframed)
Framed: 14.5 x 14.5 x 1.75
Hard wood, dark green on green crackle finish
ID Number: 0908-11
Price: 375.00 without frame
Price: 425.00 with frame

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