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  Spirit Bear (Kormode) - Acrylic on canvas, painting by Rain Longson

Original Paintings, Fine Art Prints and Greeting Cards

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Why purchase original art?

Owning a piece of original art means having something completely unique and special. It enriches our lives, gives us pleasure, and is something that we, our families, and our friends will admire, enjoy, and discuss for years to come. If that piece of art features our own pets, it commemorates our bonds with those special four-legged companions — the ones who carried us to victory in the show ring, accompanied us while we did our chores, or simply curled up by our sides on chilly evenings. Our companion animals enrich our lives in so many ways that having an artist create their portrait is a fitting way to commemorate that gift to us.

As a professional artist I take great care in creating portraits and understands how special each animal is. Every dog, cat and critter is one of a kind, just like the art I create.

Glicee Art Prints

  • Several of my paintings are available as art prints. Please contact me for more information.
  • The type of materials used for Giclee art prints are; canvas, archival papers.
  • Canvas and archival papers can be stretch on a frame (recommended for canvas). Alternatively, flat and shipped rolled.
  • All Giclee art prints come with a ’Limited Edition Certificate of Authenticity’ and optional a document for ’Country of Origin’.
Call / email me anytime — if interested in purchasing giclee print.

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Greeting Cards

  • Each card is finished with a light satin coating and comes with a matching envelope (blank interiors).
  • Cards size 4.13 x 5.82 in.
  • Individual cards are sealed within a crystal clear bag.
  • Packages of 12 cards are boxed in a clean white box.
  • 4.95 per card and envelope
  • 39.99 for a selection of 12 cards
Call / email me anytime — if interested in purchasing greeting card(s) include the title/name of the piece and the quantity.
  • Professional framing is available–ask for a quote based on the portrait size and your frame preference
  • Custom portrait sizes, larger and smaller, can be arranged
  • Gift certificates and installment plans are available
  • Please note that additional charges may apply to complex portraits. Contact the artist for a quote
  • Shipping within Canada or world-wide can be arranged
  • Note: Prices may be subject to change

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Title: Spirit Bear (Kormode)
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 30 x 20 x 1.75
ID Number: 0307-12

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