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Self-portrait 2000, painting by Rain Longson

Rain Longson - Artist Biography

Born in Montreal, Quebec in 1957

A realist artist sometimes called a photo-realist or hyper-realist, Rain Longson works in acrylic on canvas as well as in watercolor or pencil on paper. Over the past decade, Rain has moved from graphic design to canvas paintings in single, diptych and triptych configurations. Underlying her panoply of images from nature and man's interaction there-with is a profound desire to explore (and by so doing achieve a better understanding of) the mysteries of being.

Her photo-realist drawings have received critical acclaim wherever they have been exhibited, and are included in several private collections.

For as long as she has been an artist, the animal form has been her primary focus. Over the past three years, she has been primarily known for her large photo-realist drawings of pets, commissioned portraits, “dogs, and cats", which the critics have called "remarkable", and have referred to her as "an artist with a camera's eye". In the last few months, Rain has turned her artistic attention to wildlife themes, and even domestic / exotic pets. During her trips, she photographs wildlife, and other images that she converts into drawings and acrylic paintings of intense color and power.

It is her wildlife pieces, in acrylic paint, which are presently receiving most of the critical attention. Although her wildlife subject matter is quite diverse ­ from mountain lions to camels, Rain is focusing on a series, which she calls "BC Wildlife". These are very close up images of various wild animals, seen in their natural environment. In her way, she distinguishes herself from other wildlife artists.

Whether it is the human form, exotic animals, pets or wildlife, Rain Longson is an artist in command of her mediums who possesses a keen awareness of how to create a powerful image.

Rain Longson’s joyful canvases are celebrations of color, light and the relationships of her subject to their environment. A native of Canada, she now lives in Delta, British Columbia where she continues to paint in her unique, vibrant approach to realism - the result of a lifetime of observing.

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Title: Self-portrait
Medium: Gouache on canvas paper
Size: 8 x 9.5
ID Number: 0510-00

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